18 October 2011

Attention to Error vs Attention to Detail

After having read Talent Code, a friend pointed me to the following article:
Why Do Some People Learn Faster?
Although the author of that article had gotten some lackluster reviews on some of his book-length work on Amazon, this article brought a distinct idea to the forefront for me:
Attention to Error
I've always thought that attention to detail was an important tendency in myself that made me a good learner.  But I realized that there is a distinction between paying attention to detail and paying attention to error.

The constant reconciliation between what you believe to be correct and what turns out to be correct is the fuel for my personal learning.

Some people might say this is what the scientific method is all about.  I'm less methodical than a scientist would be -- I find it nevertheless useful to constantly put myself in situations where I can learn informally from comparing what I expect to what actually happens.

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