28 February 2009

Links to New FamilySearch persons

Persons are referred to by id, but there is no support for hyperlinking to a certain person's page.

So I built an app that writes links to the current New FamilySearch website. Now persons can be linked to.

Here is a link to Samuel A. Shine.

27 February 2009

Helpful git aliases

I know you can go all out with git aliases. My favorite complex alias was "Use graphviz for display", documented here.

Here are ones that are useful for me:
b = branch
co = checkout
ci = commit -a -s
st = status
stat = status
l = !git-log --pretty --date=local --abbrev=10 --abbrev-commit | sed -e 's/^\\(commit .*\\)...$/\\1/' | less

k = !gitk

patch-apply = am

patch-gen = format-patch

Alias "b":
Alias "co":
Alias "ci":
Alias "st":
Alias "stat":
- so I don't have to type as much

Alias "l":
- so that I can see real dates, not UTC
- so that the commit numbers are clickable for copy/paste

Alias "k":
- in case I type "git k" instead of "gitk"

Alias "patch-apply":
Alias "patch-gen":
- in case I can't remember what "am" and "format-patch" mean (common occurrence)

13 February 2009

Opening Post

Some kind of inhibition? Write until it goes away.

Can't sleep? Write until you can.

Can't code? Write until you know what to do.

Stuck on a problem? Write until the problem is defined.

Unlike prior efforts at perfection, this blog is a work-in-progress. And unlike my prior standalone efforts, I hope to start deliberately existing in a much larger world.