01 May 2011

Heralds of Life

My sister, Ann Sumsion wrote the following poem on Thursday, and I asked her if I could post it here. She said yes, so here it is:

Heralds of Life

Daffodils, the Trumpets of the Lord,
Speak peace and courage, love and faith,
To souls cold in world's winter.

Their warm and yellow blooms
Are testament of His enduring Grace
And Tender Mercies.

They cry, "The Lord is my Light,
And my Strength, and my Song.
He is my Salvation."

Heads bowed in strong Humility,
They nod in gentle breeze and bend in mighty tempest.
As leaves of grass, they die and fade,
In heat of summer's day.

But the memory of their bright nodding heads
Brought back in dark of night, and chill of frost,
Recalls Life, death overcome.

Their clarion trumpets echo their Master,
And cry, "Spring forth,
And Rise again."

I'm grateful for Ann's friendship and love for me. Her love for and confidence in her Savior are also qualities that I admire in her and want to emulate.