02 June 2017

Print selection only in Chrome

Maybe you already know about "Print selection only" in Chrome.  But it changed my life today.

I wanted to print only a part of a web page.  Usually, I tweak the pages but then it spans pages and it's confusing to get just the pages I want.  Or if I got desperate, I would copy/paste into a text editor and print that instead (after reformatting all the copy/paste noise away).  Instead of all that nonsense, I found a better way.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Select the text you want to print (in Chrome)
  2. Click Print (or press Ctrl-P or Cmd-P on Mac)
  3. Click "More Settings" in the Chrome print dialog
  4. Select the "Selection only" box
  5. Adjust "Scale" to get it on the right number of pages (1 page usually)
Then print and you can move on with your life.  I love how simple it is.  Hopefully you benefit from this.