19 December 2011

Some Git/Ruby stuff of interest

While taking the git survey a while back, I encountered:

  • git-annex: awesome git-enabled large file archive support

which led me to:

also this morning ran into:

  • rib: irb, except better, including rib-heroku
  • rest-core: like rack, except for RESTful clients
  • gemgem: easy gem building, without all the hoe dependency cruft

I just wish that gem-man read the README{,.md} in the root of a gem (like gemgem does) if that gem didn't have a manpage.  Sounds like a good patch to send.  That will help me understand how gems can access their own filesystem post-install.

Thought you might like to know.

And btw, rbenv is way nicer to interact with than rvm, at least that's been my experience over the last couple weeks.

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