04 September 2009

An entire sprint without an SVN branch

A typical development flow has been:
  • request an SVN task branch (wait for CM to help)
  • do stuff (1-3 weeks)
  • run all the regression tests (not on the latest stable)
  • hope that nobody did anything that conflicted with us
  • merge to the pending release (and pray we resolve any conflicts correctly)
Now we do the following:
  • set up a team git repo (able to do this without CM's help)
  • clone off a repo for each team member
  • set up a daily cron job to get the latest stable from the pending release
  • set up a daily hudson build to merge that in and push to team if it passes unit tests
  • pull from team as we go (fast!)
  • run all the regression tests (on the latest stable)
  • use git to merge on top of the pending release and commit back to SVN (with minimal conflict windows)
Well, we finally got through a whole sprint without an SVN task branch. Maybe that seems like a small victory, but it saved us a bunch of late-breaking integration risk.

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