03 May 2017

HELP: Happy, Evolving, Learning, Productive - Journaling template

Sometimes I go to write in my journal after lots has happened, and I find myself at a loss.  Too much has happened, I don't know what's important to record, it's all a jumble.  So I end up staring out the window and attempting a half-baked job of mentally processing things.

Here is a set of headings in an attempt to provide a skeleton for my journaling:
  • H: Happenings
  • E: Evolutions / Progress
  • L: Learnings
  • P: Plans
Or described more fully:
  • H: just neutral reporting on what random stuff has been going on
  • E: progress reports on things that have moved forward in some significant way in the last while
  • L: what you've recently learned that sticks out to you
  • P: what's coming up that has your attention
In an attempt at finding a mnemonic for HELP, I came up with the following:
  • H: Happy
  • E: Evolving
  • L: Learning
  • P: Productive
And here are some more detailed descriptions of the emotional states in the mnemonic:
  • H: just starting to write can keep you happier than not, see this post
  • E: highlighting progress, however small, turns into a sense of gratitude for me
  • L: seeing that I'm still learning is encouraging to me
  • P: putting rough plans on paper has a reassuring effect, and helps me move forward
Those adjectives have enough affinity to the headings that it might help me to remember them, and enough positive energy to help them to stick in my mind.

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