09 April 2014

Reacting to Heartbleed

It's 2:37am and I can't sleep.  It feels like the internet fell down around my ears.

What I am doing:

  1. Got educated at http://heartbleed.com
  2. Updated Chrome to the 34.x version manually (promoted to stable yesterday)
  3. Checked for vulnerability in sites I use
  4. Completely clearing cookies and cache on ALL my computers, family & work, including phones
  5. Installing LastPass and resetting ALL my passwords as I become confident that each site is patched
    • I am assuming that all my user/passwords are either already known at this point, or can be discovered by anyone who recorded SSL traffic in the past 2 years
  6. Wondering what will happen because of this
UPDATE: Chrome update seems to be not strictly necessary as stated here.  But I'm upgrading anyway, because the Chrome stable release on 8 Apr. 2014 has a lot of other security fixes in it.

UPDATE: More details that I've learned are here in a follow-up post.

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