27 September 2011

Using dot from graphviz

The whole graphviz package is an amazingly useful piece of software.  Especially the dot program.

I've watched other people hand-craft Visio documents that go out of date really fast.

I've also watched developers try to use design tools for high-level sketch kind of diagrams and get bogged down with superfluous code-sync features.

When I want to illustrate a point, just plain old boxes and arrows work wonders.  Especially when I can commit the source and be able to tweak it afterwards.

I've found that dot meets and exceeds the my common use goals.  I would guess that 80% of the time, the diagram communicates what I want to say without any tweaking at all.  About 15% of the time, it takes some layout/shape/font/color tweaking to get the message across in a clear & direct manner.  About 5% of the time, I have to output the graph as SVG and load it into Inkscape for further slight tweaking.

Here are some especially helpful links:
The last piece of software is intended as a helper for invoking dot quickly from the command line as part of a REPL authoring flow.

To use dot-functions.sh, first download it.  The script defines a bash function that can be used from a bash CLI.  Source it into the current shell by doing: source dot-functions.sh, followed by dot somefile.dot.

Here is the source of dot-functions.sh:

Another very helpful article was written on this topic by Diomidis Spinellis.  Now that I think about it, there is another very helpful article about how to get a hand-written sketch into digital form.

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