02 December 2010

Developing Organization Change Skill

When I was trying to describe what it takes to do a good rollout of something new across a larger software development organization, I came up with a chant that made a lot of sense:
Here's the old
Here's the new
Here's the difference
Here's what you can do
Yesterday, I was faced with frustration that came from feeling incapable of doing the rollout tasks that were my lot. And I wanted other people to be capable of rolling new stuff across the development organization, too.

I asked myself:
How am I going to get other people to be capable of rolling new stuff out?
That is when the idea came.

So I think that a successful rollout formula is:
  1. presenting all 4 things in sequence, and
  2. making it easy for people who are affected by the rollout to take the next step
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