29 April 2009

5 Minute Send

There is something that happens in my mind when (and only when) I push "Send" on an email.

This mental process says "oh, I wonder how it will look when they get this email". So then I go back and look at the email from a completely different perspective -- from the perspective of the recipient. Everybody has a "missed attachment" feature or plugin. But nobody has a "missed idea" feature or a "missed stupidity" feature.

I wish all the email clients I use (gmail, outlook, other webmail) had the following two features:
  • "Send" (on a draft message) which means: send in 5 minutes
  • "Send All Pending" (on a global menu, not on a message)
Then I could get the benefit of focused authoring *and* self-review when I press "Send" and think "oh, what have I just done".

P.S. I really like blogger's "Post date and time" feature, and I use it all the time.

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